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The mission of Gi Créations is tobeautify women with gentleness and confidence. To make your eyes shine in the morning when you choose your outfit and your jewelry. But where was bornthe jewelry workshop Gi Creations? Here is our story.

The jewelry designer, Gi

Originally, the pleasure of creating and marveling

Passionate, dreamy and creative, I am Virginie, the founder of Gi Créations."gi"  is the affectionate nickname given to me by my relatives.

Originally from Grand-Rechain (in Belgium),I have always loved creating and working with my hands: drawing, assembling, embroidering, knitting, cooking, shaping, gardening, decorating... What excites me?Starting from nothing and arriving at a result that produces a "wow" effect, a delight. 


It is therefore quite natural that when choosing my studies, I go to architecture. These studies inspire and excite me! Once I graduated, I worked as an architect for 7 years.

Creativity undermined

Unfortunately, over the years, the professional reality turns out to be a little less stimulating than I imagined... Stuck for long days at my desk in front of Excel spreadsheets,I feel frustrated at not being able to fully express my creativity.


Having become a mother, I dare say “stop”.I allow myself a break that allows me to breathe. To take time for my family andmy most beautiful creations: my two little boys.I temporarily put aside my professional ambitions and refocus on my cocoon.


However, after taking good care of my family, I feel that it is time for me to start an activity again. One day, while consulting job offers for architectural positions, my throat constricts and I suddenly feel immense sadness.What if another story was possible?

Reconnect with the passion for jewelry

It was during a market for local creators that the idea of entrepreneurship began to germinate in me... In the midst of all this creative effervescence,in this universe of artisans that has always attracted and fascinated me, I feel like a fish in water.


My passion for jewelry then comes back to me.Like an evidence, a forgotten jewel. I remember that, in my childhood, I took pleasure in creating pearl jewellery. As a teenager, I made so many of them that I even sold them to my girlfriends, my mom's friends and my sister's.Jewelery made me dream then but I didn't dare to start...


This time, it's decided !I decide to take my courage in both hands, to give my childhood dream a chance.I'm starting to imagine jewelry again in my corner.I play with materials, colors, associations, compositions... And it's a revelation! Very quickly, I find my feelings of yesteryear.I reconnect with what made me vibrate: the pleasure of creating.

Gicréations-la créatrice
Gicréations-gi au travail

In regards to

Gicréations-mono boucles
Gicréations-accumulation de colliers
Gicréations-présentation de colliers

The jewelry workshop Gi Créations, in the Province of Liège

Valuable commitments

A Belgian and artisanal jewelry store

All my jewelry is hand-drawn and made in my workshop in Bilstain (Limburg), in the Walloon region.The productions are always made in small series, in the spirit of the jeweler's craftsman.


The purity of a stone, a color or a symbol can be the basis of my creativity.I start from my favorites of the moment and create the collections according to my inspirations. I can thus design capsules around particular themes (eg: a mother-daughter collection) or suggest associations (eg: accumulation of bracelets and necklaces).

What drives me deeply is to start with a raw material (gold, silver, crystal pearl, semi-precious stone...) and to make it evolve.Create a room and compose a whole set around it.Who is coherent, harmonious, poetic.


The jewelry style is fine and elegant.The pieces are sometimes original, daring, slightly asymmetrical (like our festive earrings), always delicate and poetic. The colors and themes are refined, synonymous with softness.

Eco-responsible and sustainable creations

With Gi Créations, I make jewelry in an eco-responsible and sustainable approach.Natural and even recycled materials are used. The manufacturing is ethical and the production reasoned.

Committed to providing you with quality items,I select French or European suppliers who respect the environment and meet REACH standards. 


The products are manufactured in foundry and galvanization workshops (gilding, silvering, etc.) located in Paris, by Parisian master craftsmen who workrecycled gold and silver. This means that the metals used are never mined. They come from recast jewelry. This avoids the heavy use of water for mining.


Concerninggilded with fine gold, this is an appellation designating a brass base with a thin layer of 24K gold or 925 silver. The brass base (chains, clasps, earrings) is therefore immersed in a bath of gold or silver and it is this bath which is made up of remelted elements. It is guaranteed without nickel, lead and cadmium in order to avoid any allergy.


My jewelry creations are embellished withglass, crystal and semi-precious stone beads. The stones come from India. The supplier I work with has lived there for a long time and bans child labor. 


Finally, as the details are also important,our beautiful boxes are produced in Europe, in environmentally friendly materials (eco-friendly and FSC).

Our mission: eco-designed jewelry in Belgium, which amaze and boost women's confidence

Every morning, the choice of jewelry is a ritual.I take the time to perfect my outfit with a necklace, bracelets, a ring or earrings, depending on my mood for the day. It's my little moment just for me! A simple pleasure that allows me to feel luminous and radiant, ready to start my day with a smile on my face.


Through my creations, I want to convey to you the magic and the positive emotions that I feel every morning when choosing my jewelry.Whatever your age, your silhouette, the adornments of Gi Créations are there to flatter your natural beauty. Make you shine as a woman and give you self-confidence. 


It is the mission of Gi Créations to create handmade, Belgian, responsible jewellery, made to amaze and accompany all women.So that with the simple gesture of placing a pendant in the crook of your neck or hanging a pearl in your ear, you will feel your wings grow. 


So, ready to succumb to the charm of ournew collection? For any questions, do not hesitate to contactthe creative workshop

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